Dear Readers,

Firstly, my apologies for taking so long to post something; the lease on my rental was ended after the property was sold so I have been moving in with the American a bit earlier than anticipated.  As I’m sure any of you know who have moved there’s lots of packing, cleaning and unpacking to do (and still to be done!) as well as finding a home for my things in his house.

We finally have the internet up and running (sorry dear!) and now I’m able to get back blogging.

Well the weather the last few weeks here in Utah has been glorious sunshine and the seedlings have been putting on some good growth however, today we have winds over 60 mph and snow.  A neighbor rescued some seeds which hadn’t been placed out of the wind so we are waiting to see if our tomatoes and peppers we sowed back in February/March will make it after this stint of bad weather.

Some of the purple sprouting broccoli planted in my other half’s garden died in the heat but the ones planted in the no-dig organic and biodynamic beds are still growing strong. The American bought some seedlings from a local nursery to supplement the ones we have lost rather than trying again from seed.

The kale is slow to start in the organic and biodynamic beds but has pushed through the first two leaves in the non-organic bed in almost all of the seeds planted.

Our biggest issue other than late night frosts (and the current weather conditions) is the three furry beasts (the dogs) running through the gardens and trampling on the newly emerging growth so we will be looking to put in a small fence to deter the dogs from playing on the veg patch.

Still to come; the haybale garden update, step by step raised beds, step by step biodynamics and Plant of the Month.