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homesteader gift ideas

The Homesteader Gift Guide (For The Winter Holidays or Any Time of Year)

Holiday shopping is tough and my family found it hard to buy me things as gifts recently because they didn’t know what I would like.  My husband bought 3 pairs of wellies for me to wear in winter around the homestead but none of them were right!  So to aid my family and anyone else who has homesteading friends here is homesteader gift guide for the winter holiday of your celebration or any other time of the year!  There’s sure to be something for the homesteader, knitter, brewer, gardener, crafter, carpenter or novice smithy in your life! Read More

Find out this fertilizer that feeds your plants and builds the soil . Click through to find out more or pin it and save for later

Organic Plant Magic The Easy Way To Compost Tea

I really enjoy making my own liquid fertilizers and seeing the growth on the garden over the next day or two.  Sometimes plants can really astound you with how quickly they change and grow.  If you want to see some great growth on your plants and build your soil at the same time then read on to find out more! Read More

my ten top homesteading blogs you should be reading

My 10 Top Homesteading Blogs

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is a share of my favorite places to go for inspiration and information.  Blogging is quite a social thing for many, especially those who work at home but it takes a phenomenal amount of time for a blogger to write a post, take the photos, video, edit the video, publish the post, network, market and all the other stuff in between!

Today I want to share my most admired and favorite blogs for you to check out too.  Some are well established and others are just getting started. Read More

uses of fallen leaves in the garden

What To Do With Fallen Leaves In Your Garden

Dear Readers,

Fall is here!  The leaves are turning gold, russet, coral and burgundy and dropping in the slightest of breezes.  The ground is slick with leaves in the rain which turn to a glittering wonderland in the early morning frost.

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Unboxing Organic Plant Magic Plant Food With Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

Dear Readers,

The lovely people behind Organic Plant Magic sent me some of their all purpose plant food for free for me to try and write a review about.

The product came in 1/2 pound bag which can be added to soil, seed, roots, sprayer, watering can and even, irrigation systems.  This little pouch can make over 32 gallons of non-toxic, chemical free organic plant food.

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Gardening benefits stress reduction

The Healing Garden: Reduce your Stress Levels With Gardening

Dear Readers,

Gardening benefits are numerous from exercise and calorie burn to producing wholesome food for the table but did you know that gardening can help you reduce your stress levels?

The Healing Garden or therapeutic garden is much more than herbs grown for beneficial teas or aromatherapy, it’s benefits include exercise, positive energy in creating something beautiful and being around the natural world.  These gardens are found around the world and are usually designed specifically with the purpose of physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people using the garden as well as their caregivers, family members and friends in mind.
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