how to start composting

Composting Is A Super-Frugal Goldmine How To Get Started

Who doesn’t like free gardening supplies?  Compost is probably one of the biggest costs to gardening, if you’re buying the bagged stuff but you can get your own compost and it really isn’t that expensive, especially if you get started on composting right now!  Read on to find out more in the Frugal Gardening Series.

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How to compost right

Why You’ve Been Composting Wrong All Along

2017 is here and I want to spread the word about composting and I want to change your perceptions to get you composting even more from your home.  It’s quite a challenge I’ve set myself for this year and I hope you can help spread the word about a better way to compost.

Do you already compost?  Do you compost kitchen waste, prunings, clippings, weeds and all that fun stuff?  I’m so glad that you do but did you know that there is even more that you can compost?

Read on to find out more and why I’m so controversial about my composting!

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Preparing the Garden for Winter and The Next Season

Dear Readers,

Winter is just around the corner and gardening doesn’t stop here even with the first flurries of snow.   There’s plenty you can be doing in your garden throughout the winter to prepare for the following season.  

Grab yourself a nice hot cuppa tea and  read on to find out what you can be doing in your garden right now and get ahead for the next season.

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what is bokashi composting

Bokashi Composting Benefits (Misfit Gardening Now On YouTube!)

Dear Readers,

I have been super busy behind the scenes here working on a video all about Bokashi composting.

Actually I’ve been working on a few videos, a product review, planning an orchard layout and moving established trees as well as harvesting even more stuff out the garden and working on a giveaway as well as my normal job!!!

If you are interested in finding out about Bokashi and how this low odor, fermenting form of composting which can allow you to compost raw meat, fish and bones can be used in your home and garden take a look at the video here or take a look below:

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How to make compost organic gardening

Composting Questions

Dear Readers,

I wrote an article for the Mother Earth News Organic Gardening blog  to cover the many questions I get asked from friends, family, coworkers and even the occasional email from readers about composting.  Questions like:

“How can I start?”

“What can I compost?”

“How long does it take?”

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Dog Poop Composting With Worms

Dear Readers,

Today I’m going to talk about composting dog poop; I know it isn’t the greatest subject of discussion but here at Misfit Gardening it is an important one, especially when I have three dogs and a lot of poop to scoop. Read More

How To Build A Compost Bin From Pallets

Dear Readers,

In this post I would like to take you step by step through the new addition to the garden: a composter built from old wooden pallets.

We needed to build something to hold the completed compost from the tumbling barrel composter since we are starting to churn out more green waste and generating more compost. Read More

how to build a tumbling composter

Building a Tumbling Composter

In this post I’d like to show you how to build a tumbling composter using an old plastic drum or barrel.  Compost is the foundation of a great garden and a tumbling composter can help you make plenty of it!

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