Why You’ve Been Composting Wrong All Along

Dear Readers,

2017 is here and I want to spread the word about composting and I want to change your perceptions to get you composting even more from your home.

It’s quite a challenge I’ve set myself for this year and I hope you can help spread the word about a better way to compost.

Do you already compost?  Do you compost kitchen waste, prunings, clippings, weeds and all that fun stuff?  I’m so glad that you do but did you know that there is even more that you can compost?

Read on to find out more and why I’m so controversial about my composting!

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Preparing the Garden for Winter and The Next Season

Dear Readers,

Winter is just around the corner and gardening doesn’t stop here even with the first flurries of snow.   There’s plenty you can be doing in your garden throughout the winter to prepare for the following season.  

Grab yourself a nice hot cuppa tea and  read on to find out what you can be doing in your garden right now and get ahead for the next season.

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What To Do With Fallen Leaves In Your Garden

Dear Readers,

Fall is here!  The leaves are turning gold, russet, coral and burgundy and dropping in the slightest of breezes.  The ground is slick with leaves in the rain which turn to a glittering wonderland in the early morning frost.

What to do with fallen leaves

It would be lovely to just leave them where they fall, but like so many gardeners, suburban and urban homesteaders across the country; there are city ordinances which need abiding by and one must keep up appearances for the good of the neighborhood. So rather than listening to the chatter of birds as they feed before winter, out come the leaf blowers to fill the warmer autumnal days with noise.

I own a leaf blower, I have no idea how to use it and I don’t want to use it and add to the fossil fuel burning but my family use it when I’m away.  

I tackle the gardens with a lawn rake to gather the leaves.  I rather enjoy the cardio exercise I get from raking the leaves and a sense of satisfaction at how many large piles of leaves I can create in the backyard alone!

This post is to answer that annual question “What do I do with all of these leaves?” and how you can turn all those leaves into something useful in the garden rather than filling the trash can with them.

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Win a bokashi composting kit

Win A Bokashi Composter Kit

Dear Readers,

I love composting with Bokashi, it means I can compost raw meat, raw fish, dairy, cooked meat and fish as well as all the other items which go into a compost heap.  

Bokashi means I have even less waste heading for landfill coming out of my kitchen and I already use a worm composter, my chickens and a traditional compost heap.

I love my Bokashi composter so much, I want you guys to try it too!

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Unboxing Organic Plant Magic Plant Food With Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

Dear Readers,

The lovely people behind Organic Plant Magic sent me some of their all purpose plant food for free for me to try and write a review about.

The product came in 1/2 pound bag which can be added to soil, seed, roots, sprayer, watering can and even, irrigation systems.  This little pouch can make over 32 gallons of non-toxic, chemical free organic plant food.

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How to take cuttings

Propagating Plants

Dear Readers,

I have a bit of a problem with the neighborhood kids; they are always playing in my front yard, jumping off the porch steps on bikes and scooters and running around the place, usually right after I put down organic fertilizer on the lawn to try and fix the patches in the grass.

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what is bokashi composting

Bokashi Composting Benefits (Misfit Gardening Now On YouTube!)

Dear Readers,

I have been super busy behind the scenes here working on a video all about Bokashi composting.

Actually I’ve been working on a few videos, a product review, planning an orchard layout and moving established trees as well as harvesting even more stuff out the garden and working on a giveaway as well as my normal job!!!

If you are interested in finding out about Bokashi and how this low odor, fermenting form of composting which can allow you to compost raw meat, fish and bones can be used in your home and garden take a look at the video here or take a look below:

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DIY liquid fertilizer

More Organic Liquid Fertilizer Recipes

Dear Readers,

I followed up my post for Mother Earth News with even more organic liquid fertilizer recipes so you can get better harvests in your garden.

These recipes use herbs which you may already have in the garden or manure as well as some tips when you make natural fertilizers.

Read the full article here: Make Your Own Natural Liquid Fertilizers 

If you need more convincing about the effectiveness of organic fertilizers, let me share with you some of the successes which I attribute to the organic liquid fertilizer I have made.

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Make your own natural organic fertilizers at home

Learn the Secret to Getting Better Harvests with Homemade Natural Liquid Fertilizer

Dear Readers,

I want to share a secret with you so you can get amazing harvests in your garden too. I’m going to tell you how you can make your own liquid fertilizer using things you might already have in your garden.

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How to make compost organic gardening

Composting Questions

Dear Readers,

I wrote an article for the Mother Earth News Organic Gardening blog  to cover the many questions I get asked from friends, family, coworkers and even the occasional email from readers about composting.  Questions like:

“How can I start?”

“What can I compost?”

“How long does it take?”

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