Starting seeds undercover in a greenhouse

Starting Seeds Undercover

Dear Readers,

I’ve been starting seeds undercover for the last few years but usually around March.  This year I started my seeds on Boxing Day (26th December) to get a head start on the growing season for my tender plants which have long growing needs and now, in mid-January I’m sowing even more!

Yup, I’ve gone a little bonkers in getting a head start this year because I messed up so badly with my seeds last year and lost a bunch to late storms which decimated the garden.

You can start seeds right now for larger plants which will have a better start in your garden come spring or you can start seeds for indoor herbs and salads.

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Trees, Seeds, Vines & Bines

Dear Readers,

It is crazy busy here at Misfit Gardening at the moment!  I mentioned that I have a lot of plants and seeds on the way ready for spring and moving some more established plants.

I’m resetting the garden by planting biodynamically so I have my biodynamic preparations on order so hopefully they arrive soon so I can get started. Read More

Organizing Seeds and Getting Started

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of year again where the seed catalogs and brochures are being delivered and the days are starting to get longer.

Planning the year is a four phase process for me; Phase 1 is assessing the space available in the garden, Phase 2 is assessing what I/family like to eat and Phase 3 is reviewing the seeds I have and ordering any I need and Phase 4 is deciding where to grow stuff. Read More