sowing for beginners

Starting seeds undercover in a greenhouse

Starting Seeds Undercover

Dear Readers,

I’ve been starting seeds undercover for the last few years but usually around March.  This year I started my seeds on Boxing Day (26th December) to get a head start on the growing season for my tender plants which have long growing needs and now, in mid-January I’m sowing even more!

Yup, I’ve gone a little bonkers in getting a head start this year because I messed up so badly with my seeds last year and lost a bunch to late storms which decimated the garden.

You can start seeds right now for larger plants which will have a better start in your garden come spring or you can start seeds for indoor herbs and salads.

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Sowing by the Moon

Dear Readers,

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the moon is in Leo for the next three days. Leo is a fire sign and is an ideal time to sow fruiting vegetables and fruits such as beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes etc. Read More