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Soil Amendments: The People’s Right To An Amazingly Productive Garden Shall Not Be Infringed

Dear Readers,

Everyone has a right to have a productive garden, to grow organic fruit and vegetables, to know what goes into your food and to be able to have real food. Food should be pesticide free, grown naturally just as nature intended it to be.  

Soil amendments or soil conditioners are one of the easiest ways to get the ground right to be able to grow the best garden EVER!

For new gardeners, a few questions arise about soil amendments such as how do you know which soil amendment to use?  What are soil amendments?  Are they even necessary?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more. Read More

Radish Harvest

First Radish Harvest

Dear Readers,

Between the rain showers and thunderstorms we have been able to harvest our first radishes of the season between all three vegetable gardens and we had some quite surprising results so far. Read More

Gardening Hand Tools

Dear Readers,

I want to talk about gardening hand tools today.  I’m fairly traditional when it comes to gardening and I like certain hand tools when I tend to my garden; I have my trowel, a hand cultivator and secateurs (hand-held pruners). Read More