Build A Cheap Cold Frame That Will Save You Money This Year

Growing in a cold frame is a great way to extend the growing season.  Cold frames allow you to start your plants earlier and keep plants growing later by protecting them from frosts.  Find out how to build a cheap cold frame that will save you money each year!

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Starting seeds undercover in a greenhouse

Starting Seeds Undercover

Dear Readers,

I’ve been starting seeds undercover for the last few years but usually around March.  This year I started my seeds on Boxing Day (26th December) to get a head start on the growing season for my tender plants which have long growing needs and now, in mid-January I’m sowing even more!

Yup, I’ve gone a little bonkers in getting a head start this year because I messed up so badly with my seeds last year and lost a bunch to late storms which decimated the garden.

You can start seeds right now for larger plants which will have a better start in your garden come spring or you can start seeds for indoor herbs and salads.

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uses of fallen leaves in the garden

What To Do With Fallen Leaves In Your Garden

Dear Readers,

Fall is here!  The leaves are turning gold, russet, coral and burgundy and dropping in the slightest of breezes.  The ground is slick with leaves in the rain which turn to a glittering wonderland in the early morning frost.

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how to build easy raised garden beds using cardboard

How To Make Easy Raised Garden Beds Using Cardboard


Today I want to show you a cheap and easy way to make raised garden beds using cardboard.  This raised bed tutorial is a no dig gardening method which anyone can do and I will take you through how I used materials I had lying around to make it. Read More

How To Make A Cold Frame

Winter is on the way but it doesn’t mean the end of growing fresh produce!  Today’s post is how to build a cold frame step by step using a door I bought from the Habitat For Humanity Restore Salt Lake City. Read More

How To Build A Compost Bin From Pallets

Dear Readers,

In this post I would like to take you step by step through the new addition to the garden: a composter built from old wooden pallets.

We needed to build something to hold the completed compost from the tumbling barrel composter since we are starting to churn out more green waste and generating more compost. Read More

thrifty tips for the garden

Thrifty Tips For The Garden

I talked about not wanting to spend any money on the garden at my house because I’m moving in with my other half in a couple of month’s time.  I’m all for being frugal and re-using, re-purposing wherever I can because that’s how I was raised back in Ol’ Blighty.

In this post, I would like to share some thrifty tips for the garden to help save some pennies for other frugal gardeners around the world and do a bit of recycling whilst we’re at it!  

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