Dear Readers.

I want to talk today about growing zucchini (aka courgettes for all of the Brits) in pots and containers.

Zucchini are incredibly easy to grow and there are several varieties which you can grow from the ball shaped Piccolo or One Ball F1 hybrid, yellow Gold Rush to the traditional dark green Black Beauty and variegated or striped Romanesco Latino.

We’re growing the yellow Gold Rush zucchini, a variety which not only adds a pleasant contrast to the dark green leaves but also makes something more appetizing on the plate when in the kitchen.  We also chose this one because our local nursery had identified it as being a variety which grows well in our area.

We may have gone overboard with zucchini plantings with some sown in each garden and also in two containers.  Zucchini are incredibly prolific so we’re in for a glut of these so it’s a good job we have plenty of recipes ready!

Growing zucchini in a pot couldn’t be easier; simply sow the seed in a large container which has been filled with container compost.  Add slow release fertilizer and moisture retention beads or granules if desired.

Zucchini (courgette) seedling

Zucchini (courgette) seedling

Zucchini plants tend to get quite large so only sow 1-2 in a large container.

We have sown zucchini in a container with catnip also sown; the reason for sowing with catnip is to encourage pollinating insects to help with pollination of the zucchini flowers.

When growing zucchini in containers, you need to make sure that they are kept moist and watered; you can also mulch them in the container to help retain moisture during hot spells.

Common problems seen with growing zucchini include downy mildrew, caterpillars and aphids.  To reduce the likelihood of downy mildew, avoid getting water on the leaves and water close to the roots.

Treat chewing insects as deemed necessary, pick off caterpillars and treat aphids with a mild soap solution or biological control such as ladybirds (ladybugs) or if you prefer insecticide.

Harvest when zucchini are small and tender or larger as marrows.