Holiday shopping is tough and my family found it hard to buy me things as gifts recently because they didn’t know what I would like.  My husband bought 3 pairs of wellies for me to wear in winter around the homestead but none of them were right!  So to aid my family and anyone else who has homesteading friends here is homesteader gift guide for the winter holiday of your celebration or any other time of the year!  There’s sure to be something for the homesteader, knitter, brewer, gardener, crafter, carpenter or novice smithy in your life!

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The winter holidays are usually crazy here where I live so I prefer to shop from the convenience of my home without needing to wrestle the last of the turkeys in the freezer or the latest i-whatever that was released.

I have divided up the gifts into topics and some great gift ideas for your homesteader!


A good pair of waterproof boots will see you through almost anything around the homestead!  These Bogs have a great handle to help pull them on and come in a great choice of patterns and colors.

Keep them warm with wool socks, thermals and sweaters.  Wool is amazing as it maintains it’s insulation properties, even when wet.  Give me wool socks over slippers any day of the week!



Crochet, Knitting, Needlecrafts & Weaving

Winter is a great time to unwind and start (or complete) crafting projects.  It’s quite lovely knitting or crocheting by an open fire.  This year I’m knitting hats and scarves for my family and crocheting dishcloths as stocking stuffers.  Starting a new craft hobby is great at this time of year and you can one-up your gift by wrapping up the tools, yarn or thread for them to get started!


Books are a great place to start inspiring a budding crafter or an advanced knitter into trying something new!  Click on the image to find out more about the book and to purchase.



Getting your homesteader kitted out with the right tools for the task will help them start those wonderful projects in the books:




These are fabulous as they come with all the stuff needed to complete the project and are a good way to introduce someone to a new craft.

Local to Utah

There is a local, family owned store not to far from where I live which caters to knitters, crochet, tapestry, cross-stitch, spinner, weavers and more: The Needlepoint Joint has beautiful selections of wool, yarn books, patterns and so much more.  If you live in Salt Lake Valley, you really should check them out.



A budding homesteader’s first foray into raising meat is usually raising chickens in the backyard.  A prefabricated chicken coop is a great way to get them started for spring, even if they have no carpentry skills. Some prefabricated chicken coops offer added benefits like planter roofing to grow more food as well and the design on some prefabricated coops mean that they look nice for suburban settings.



Leather & Tanning

My husband is really into leather working and has made some beautiful gifts including belts, wallets and more.  Leather working can lead to making bags, purses, growler holders, saddles, shoes and holsters!  If your homesteader is venturing into rabbits or hunting, then leatherwork and tanning will help them to make the most of the harvest.





Functional and beautiful home decor is always a safe bet.  Check out these homesteader gift ideas for around the home:



As crazy as it sounds, some of the most well received gifts have been ones with DIY or homemade cleaners, pretty cleaning cloths all in a nice basket.  You can put together beautiful cleaning kits with essential oils, cloths, spray bottles etc all in a nice container.  These work well for new homeowners, students and people with sensitivities to commercial cleaners. Microfiber cloths can be made into something more special with some pretty trim sewn on or even embroidery.


Set them up with a book with lots of cleaning recipes for them to try.



Pretty cleaning containers and tools will help make the job a little more fun!


Gardeners and homesteaders can be tricky people to buy gifts for. Click to be inspired with over 100 gift ideas or pin it to save this post for later


For Cooks

A big part of being a homesteader is being creative in the kitchen to use everything most efficiently and deliciously.  Get them inspired with some new kitchen kit or apparel.


From fancy and fabulous to humorous aprons are always useful! If you are handy with a sewing machine, there are lots of patterns available for you to use and make.


Kitchen Kit

Baking, bread making and wise cooking  are skills that all homesteaders learn.  Having the right tools for the job can help them exceed in the kitchen. We love our yogurt maker and use it often to make delicious thick Greek style yogurt whilst a hand butter churner can make homemade bread into an indulgent treat or help your homesteader make wonderful bread with artisan proofing bowls or help them cook for the whole family with a crock pot.



Canning & Fermenting

Canning, just like growing fruit and vegetables is a seasonal task every year on the homestead.  Canning and fermenting supplies are always welcomed homesteader gifts, no matter the occasion!  From basic canning and fermenting books to tools and kits to ferment and can almost anything are available from sauerkraut to kombucha and jams to cheese, there’s something for your homesteader in this section!



Beautiful jars make homemade preserves look special and professional. Mason jars have many uses on the homestead for fermenting animal feed to storing seeds. There are lots of tools and kits available for canners and fermenters to turn their home grown veg into something exciting to share.



We’re big beer, wine and mead brewers and a gift of the equipment and a recipe kit is a fantastic way to get a novice brewer started on this delicious and exciting hobby. Below are some kits which will see through any mead, wine or beer they want to brew.



Gift cards for seeds are an easy gift to give for gardeners.  If you are wanting something a little different, why not create a gift with a theme?  Some ideas include:

  • chili pepper heirloom seeds, seed starting pots and containers and a chili or hot sauce preserving book
  • tomato seeds, tomato cages and tomato recipe book
  • gardening gloves with scented soap and lotion in a basket
  • herb seeds for making tea, a mug and tea pot
  • garden journal and some heirloom seeds
  • bareroot roses and rose gloves
  • bareroot fruit trees to grow their own orchard
  • flowers for all seasons (seeds and bulbs) and a native bee house


We are loving the benefits of having a hive in our backyard and are thirsty for more knowledge on the subject.  Beekeeping is highly rewarding and fascinating to do.






Beekeeping tools and gear can be expensive to get started with unless you are also keen in woodworking and can build your own hive. Luckily, there’s lots of choice available for beekeepers in the suits and veils to the hives themselves.



Building bird houses to beehives, carpentry is a great skill to develop. A good quality set of tools is always appreciated by someone who is enthusiastic about working with wood. Beginners may enjoy a small kit to complete and build confidence.



Vintage skills are definitely gaining popularity and blacksmithing is no exception! Fuel their interest with books or get them started with some tools to try out their new hobby.



With over 100 homesteader gift ideas you’re sure to have some ideas and inspiration on what to get for the homesteader in your life!

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