Dear Readers,

Not the best picture of the bedroom in progress as the featured image but oh well!

I ended up covering the hanging doors for the built in wardrobe/closet in the pokemon fabric I bought which was easier to do than making curtains and much quicker.

You will need enough fabric to cover the door, spray adhesive, cutting mat and rotary cuttercutter, staple gun, staples gun and scissors.

I washed and ironed the fabric first. If the door is glossy paint, sand it first to help the glue stick better.

Fold over the selvage to the back of the door and staple in place along the length of the door. I did this so the sides would match.

Fabric covered door 1

Spray along the edge of the door with the adhesive. Pull over the fabric to the side of the door to be covered and smooth the fabric.

Lay the door flat and make a tent with the fabric then spray the door with the adhesive. A second person is a big help here.

Fabric covered door 2

Gently lower the fabric and smooth out the ripples, bubbles etc. Don’t stretch or pull the fabric too much or the pattern will warp.

Set the door up on its side and spray the other side and ease the fabric over. Smooth out the ripples then fold the raw edges and staple to the back.

Cut the excess from the top and bottom, I used a rotary cutter and mat to get close to the wood.

Attach handles and you’re done. It took my friend and I about an hour to do both doors.

Fabric covered hanging door

Fabric covered hanging door


Fabric covered sides

Fabric covered sides