Dear Readers,

It has been monumentally hectic here with new beds being made (future posts on this in the works) and family being out and about, here there and everywhere; today’s post is celebrating the simple things that make us happy.

Today, was letting the dogs go nuts with a bubble machine.

I’m not an expert in action photography but I think you will get the gist of just how much fun the dogs had chasing bubbled around the yard.

bubble machine

Bubble machine, $10; enjoyment had by dogs, Priceless!

chasing bubbles

The chase begins!

chasing bubbles1

Sparky is chasing the biggest bubbles escaping.

chasing bubbles2

Teddy is trying it out in the back.

chasing bubbles3

Like Pokemon, Sparky must catch them all!

Ten minutes of chasing the bubbles, the dogs all running around was a joy for us to watch whilst taking a break from moving the compost heap.  Sometimes, we must stop and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to appreciate the little things that bring us happiness or peace.

Take a walk in nature, plant your favorite plants, spend time with family away from the bounds of the modern world, do something nice for someone you care about.  These are all things we did over this weekend.

What made you happy this week?