Dear Readers,

The gardens have exploded with growth over the last week and the squashes growing on JimJim’s plot are slowly taking over, the tomatoes are starting to ripen on the vine and the beans are climbing the fence and the bamboo canes and setting flowers.

Climbing beans

JimJim’s hay bales are looking superb with the corn setting flowers, beans growing around the sides and squashes working their way through the corn.

Hay bale garden

We’ve had some windy weather recently, where we’ve had our tomatoes fall down and now they are somewhat horizontal and being overtaken by the kale so we’re removing the kale and freezing it to give the tomatoes more space to grow and ripen.

The biodynamic plot and no-dig organic plots are beginning to be over crowded and in need of space so the chard is being taken out to allow room for the parsnips and carrots to fill out.

We’re planning the plantings for autumn harvests across both gardens as well as preserving and canning a couple of times a week.