Dear Readers,

Summer’s finally here and we are harvesting everyday!  We’re overrun with salad leaves (great for the diet!), Swiss chard, kale leaves, broccoli, radishes and snow peas.

I recently posted about how we preserved the snow peas that we couldn’t eat that week in a post about making pea chips, you can read it here.  The lettuce leaves and radishes we’ve had wonderful salads all week long.

The leafy greens (broccoli, kale etc.) presented some of a challenge in preserving; we didn’t want to dehydrate them (although kale chips are delicious……) so we decided to blanch, vacuum pack and freeze in meal sized portions ready to use throughout the year.  We’ve got so much green stuff ready to be picked and used that we’re looking at investing in another freezer to cope!

Do you have any favorite ways of incorporating leafy greens into dishes?  We’d love to hear about them!