Dear Readers,

The snow has covered all the early plantings and giving the seedlings that JimJim (the American)  bought from Joe’s Greenhouse in Utah a bit of a shock in getting used to their new surroundings.snowy raised beds

On the up side, the snow lets us see exactly where the dogs are all running through!

This weekend’s tasks will be re-sowing the peppers and tomatoes (inside) lost to the high winds earlier in the week and transplanting cauliflower (Snow Crown) under a polytunnel which can be replaced now that the wind has died down.

Since the weekend is leaf and fruit days I’ll also be doing some more leeks, chard, spinach and herbs under a polytunnel and inside.

We’re having s seed and plant swap with neighbors and friends in the upcoming weeks which will be a fun way to get more plants without having to purchase lots of seeds or plants from the nursery.