Dear Readers,

I mentioned in my apology that I had bought a house and was starting from scratch.

In this post, titled with lyrics from Dolly Parton; I want to walk you around the new garden and layout how I’m going to tackle this new garden.

Walking out the back door is a concrete patio and grass.  I have a beautiful red maple tree by the house amongst a dirt patch where the previous owner’s pets had stripped away the grass.

To cope with the leaf fall this year I built a leaf mold bin from chicken wire I had dug out the ground where they (the previous owners) had rabbits.  A friend built me a walk in compost bin from wood and chicken wire so now I can contain the compost heap and keep the dogs out of it.

The rest of the yard is grass with a climbing frame/jungle gym.  Once I have removed the climbing frame, I’m going to be creating a beer garden where I can grow hops and hopefully grain for beer making.

Now the side yard is where the previous owners had the vegetable garden and is where the most sun is on the property.  The previous owners stared an orchard in the side yard  with a haphazard choice of fruit and plant positioning.

The vegetable garden itself is on light soil and is very weedy.  It is currently edged by bricks and is quite small for my needs.

The vegetable garden is an unknown beast in terms of what pesticides have been used on the ground previously.  My plan is to grow biodynamically to help restore the soil and help make it more productive.

Now I have the compost areas set up I can make a start making compost for the next season since good compost is at the heart of organic and biodynamic growing.

The good vegetables are pulled from the garden and the beds are starting to be prepared for winter.  There’s an old English saying:

“One year’s seeding means seven years weeding.”

I’ve found that after I’ve tilled, I end up with more weeds coming up in spring and since there are many flowered and seeded weeds; I am going to mulch everything using cardboard to block the light and suppress growth and cover the cardboard with compost and manure to incorporate more humus to the soil and nutrients needed.

I will be creating new beds in other areas of the garden using the same method of making raised beds as outlined in a previous post.

I hope you will join me in starting over again in building new beds, planting an orchard, planting a herb garden and a beer garden.  As well as how I plan the garden to be completely self sufficient throughout all of the year.