Dear Readers,

I’ve been rather busy in the recent couple of weeks hence the sporadic posting.

I turned the big 3-0 and I’ve been making some major house changes with remodelling to put in a working bar for the two kegerators I have set up with four beers constantly on tap.

The garden is in desperate need of design work and weeding so I thought now would be a good time to share pictures of the yard before the redesign begins.

side yard

The previous owner’s raised beds are overgrown with grass and goat heads.

Side yard

I also discovered that the peach tree and a very well established apple tree in the side yard were planted right along the gas line so they need to be moved as soon as possible whilst the trees are still dormant.

side yard border

The side yard border boasts iris and lilies breaking through  the soil and a shrub completely engulfing the gas box.  So that also needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

the north 40

This is the “North Forty” which is bare grass and a tree at the moment. It is the coldest part of the property since it is on the northern side. It still gets some sun but it may not be ideal for edibles until it is fenced off appropriately to stop the wayward neighborhood dogs, cats and kids from waltzing in the yard; it happens quite frequently.

the back

Part of the back yard where the compost heap currently resides and a large red maple tree. This is a shady area where we are hoping to put the chickens if the local legislation changes to allow backyard chickens (fingers crossed Readers!) we are also looking at cultivating shade tolerant edibles like rhubard around here.

back yard

This is the length of the garden now.  I had to put up a reed fence on the chain link to reduce the problem with the neighbors dogs fighting with mine through the chain link.

back yard

Close up of the very back of the yard. The compost will be moved here and the bee hives will be here too.

As you can see, it is very much a blank canvas to start with and I’m looking at where the sun and shade fall, the prevailing winds and how best to plant all the things I have coming this spring!