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Today’s post is a share of my favorite places to go for inspiration and information.  Blogging is quite a social thing for many, especially those who work at home but it takes a phenomenal amount of time for a blogger to write a post, take the photos, video, edit the video, publish the post, network, market and all the other stuff in between!

Today I want to share my most admired and favorite blogs for you to check out too.  Some are well established and others are just getting started.

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My top 10 homesteading blogs are in no particular order and I have included information about the topics usually posted and why I love reading their blogs.

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1.  The Frugal Chicken

Website: The Frugal Chicken

online homesteading resources

Topics:  Mostly chickens, some homesteading and sustainable living.

Why I love them: Maat is clearly an expert in chickens and I love listening to her podcasts and reading her posts about everything and anything I ever wanted to know about chickens. As a new chicken owner, The Frugal Chicken is a great resource for new homesteaders and usually my first stop when looking for information on types of eggs, nutrition, health and care tips.

2.  Owning Burton Farm

Website: Owning Burton Farm

best homesteading websites

Photo Credit: Jon Butterworth

Topics:  Homesteading, gardening, upcycling/recycling and personal finance

Why I love them: Erica has a great way of writing which I find full of humor and life.  I especially enjoy reading the gardening pieces since I’m a fellow gardener and her upcycling projects.  The financial posts are also interesting and have had me re-assessing my own finances to be able to achieve my goals.

urban homesteading

3.  Pure Living For Life

Website: Pure Living for Life

homesteading websites

Photo Credit: Christopher Burns

Topics: Living off grid, composting and starting a garden, preserving and setting up a homestead

Why I love them: Jesse and Alyssa are just starting out on their off-grid homesteading adventure which they capture with videos as well as posts.  From their great wins to things not quite working out, I love seeing what they are getting up to and picking up some tips like solar, their first time butchering chickens and how they started their garden in Idaho.

4.  How to Provide for Your Family

Website: How to Provide for Your Family

homestead website

Photo Credit: Daiga Ellaby

Topics: Self reliance, gardening, forest permaculture, homesteading, livestock, preparedness and survival

Why I love them: Rachel is very knowledgeable and offers many topics in an informative but easy to read style.  She covers things from butchering to homestead security and survival which I had not even considered.  I really enjoy reading the posts about tea (I LOVE tea) and preserving harvests when they pop up in my reader.

5.  Pioneer Settler

Website: Pioneer Settler

best homesteading blogs

Photo Credit: Peter Lewicki

Topics: All things homesteading from cooking and recipes, self sufficiency, preparedness,  raising livestock and gardening.

Why I love them: Riley and her team of writers provide one of the best online resources for all things homestead. I especially enjoy the projects section for how-tos and inspiration on garden/outdoor, coops and buildings even textile and crafts.  Their how-to-grow posts are always informative and great if you are just starting out.

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6.  Willow Creek Farm

Website: Willow Creek Farm

best homesteading blogs online

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Topics: Gardening, life on a farm, livestock, crafts and homesteading

Why I love them: Willow Creek Farm is a recent blog find for me and I enjoy reading about high altitude homesteading in the Rocky Mountains.  I live in a higher altitude area and the family use square foot gardening methods which are new to me.  From goats and sheep to working dogs and heritage crafts such as quilting, there is something for every budding homesteader.

7.  The 104 Homestead

Website: The 104 Homestead

top ten homesteading blogs

Photo Credit: Michael Kahl

Topics: Gardening, livestock, homesteading, upcycle/recycle and inspiring homesteaders

Why I love them: Jessica regularly posts on her blog which is great when I’m looking for something new.  I particularly like her featured homesteaders section for inspiring homesteads to get ideas of what I can apply in the suburban space I have.  Jessica covers urban spaces to farms in her Inspiring Homesteads and is definitely worth checking out.  Her blog is beautifully easy to read on my coffee break and has a sizeable gardening resource for new starters too.

8.  Spring Lake Homestead

Website: Spring Lake Homestead

best online homesteading blogs

Photo Credit: Matthew Gerrard

Topics: Farming, gardening, chickens, homeschooling and cooking

Why I love them: Another new find in blogs for me with very informative posts and a wonderful and productive looking garden by Danielle who juggles being a mum to 5 kids and life as a homesteader in a zone 5 area.  Her butchering and costs of raising chickens posts were very thorough and eye-opening (in a good way).  

Homesteading Resource Library

9.  Becky’s Homestead

Website: Becky’s Homestead

top homesteading blogs on the web

Photo Credit: Clark Young

Topics:  Recipes, homesteading, horses, log cabin, livestock and gardening

Why I love them: Becky has a great YouTube channel with lots of videos on homesteading.  She covers budgeting to save for land, bartering, animal rearing, chicken coops and more.  If you prefer to watch a video than read then I certainly recommend budding homesteaders to take a look at Becky’s Homestead.

10.  Paradise Lot

Website: Paradise Lot

top homesteading blogs to read

Topics: permaculture, forest gardening

Why I love them: Two neighbors set out to create a productive wonderland on 1/10th of an acre in Massachusetts.  They have a very successful and productive permaculture forest garden with plenty of unusual plants which you would not expect in that area which grow well.   Food forests I find incredibly fascinating and Paradise Lot inspired me to take a permaculture design course to change my perception on how unkempt food forests look and how to make them work in suburbia.  Paradise Lot is a glorious mesh of sustainable growing and design.

Do you have favorite blogs which you like to visit?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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Everyone has their favorite homesteading websites to go to for information. Click to find out my ten favorite places or pin it and save it for later

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