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Happy Wednesday, here are this week’s interesting stories from around the web.

How scent affects bees via Bee Biodynamic on Twitter

This great article came up on my Twitter feed Catalyst – Honey Bee Brains And Lavender via Bee Biodynamic!.

The article talks about how compounds in lavender, a well known calming scent for humans and roses also exhibit a calming effect on bees and also the genes expressed in the next generation of bees.

This is inspiring our honey bee garden around our new hive to have lots of pleasantly scented herbals and flowers for the bees.

How a craft brewery grows hops via Rogue Farms on Twitter

I love hops and as an avid home brewer this year will be a new venture as we grow our own hops in the beer garden. It Takes A Lot Of String To Brew Beer via Rogue Farms show us just how they string up over 40 acres for the bines to grow up producing lush green labyrinths of hops. A great source of inspiration if you want to grow hops this is one I added to my Beer Garden Pinterest Board pretty quickly. I like the biodegradable jute used to create the supports for the bines. I also LOVE Rogue beer and now I love them even more for sharing how they do this.

Safe Varroa Mite Treatment For Bees? Via The University of Sussex

Oxalic acid, a compound found in rhubarb and some other familiar plants was used by scientists at the University of Sussex in England as an effective control for Varroa mites in bees. When used as a sublimation, it was extremely successful in eliminating mites with so far, no harmful effect on bees. Read more about Scientists Determine Pest Control Without Harming Bees.

Steps forward in making fuel from plants via Science Daily

An enzyme has been discovered that can make hydrocarbons which could be used to generate fuel. Enzyme Discovery Leads Scientists Further Down Path To Pumping Oil From Plants.

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