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Happy Wednesday and welcome to this week’s Weblink Wednesday post. 

Inexpensive soil testing via Pioneer Settler

With Spring coming hard and fast, it is the ideal time to check your soil and amend the ground before you sow your seeds and your lovingly cared for seedlings. Pioneer Settler has this great article on Soil Testing using nothing more than a jar, water and a soil sample. This is a simple test that you can do quickly to understand more about the ground and plan to fixes before you plant or in autumn. If you are looking for more in depth analysis, you can purchase a soil testing kit to measure the inorganic elemental compounds present or contact your county extension office.

Yarrow Healing Salve Via Montana Homesteader

I love plants with multiple purposes and I grow Yarrow for my biodynamic preparations, the bees and as a compost  activator. Being someone who is pretty darn clumbsy this easy to follow Medicinal Yarrow First Aid Salve guide by Montana Homesteader is a handy natural product to keep at home, I usually use a bee propolis salve but I think this year I will try making a batch of this to soothe my many cuts, scrapes and bites in the upcoming summer. Plus it looks super easy to make. As with all medicines or herbals, check with your doctor before using and stop using if you experience and adverse events.

Tips for urban beekeeping via Beekeeping Like A Girl

Survivability of bees is a hot topic from the White House to local orchards and farms. Many suburban and urban areas are changing their city ordinance to allow beekeeping. Beekeeping Like A Girl has a great set of tips for the urban beekeeper from where to position the hive entrance and the flight path of the bees to water and food. Read more at 8 Tips For Urban Beekeepers.

What articles or stories caught your eye this week?