Dear Readers,

Happy Wednesday, here’s this week’s collection of articles from around the web.  I have collated articles which I found very useful this week, enjoy!

Homemade Snacks For Hiking Via This Wild Lifestyle

I’m still figuring out how to better prepare for hikes and camping, I have serious portion control issues when it comes to snacks and I’m always looking for healthy, less expensive options for my family when we head out into the wilderness. Homemade Snacks Perfect For Hiking by This Wild Lifestyle has some great ideas on hiking fuel I can make beforehand and portion out.

Gardening & Nature Via Earth & Honey

Gardening has a multitude of benefits from the delicious food you can raise in the garden to the exercise benefit as well as helping the ecology of the area and supporting nature.  I love reading Julie’s blog Earth & Honey in particular her articles about beekeeping I find particularly inspirational and she was interviewed in a podcast and was really interested hear about how and where she grows in her gardens and connecting with nature.  Check out Gardening And The Nature Connection to listen to the podcast.

Testing Eggs via The Frugal Chicken

We eat a lot of eggs and we’ve had some rather old eggs found hiding in the downstairs refrigerator which we didn’t know if they were good to eat or not.  The Frugal Chicken came to the rescue with Try The Egg Float Test For Freshness to see if the eggs are good or bad along with a great video to see the test in action which saved us from cracking open a terrible smelling bad egg.

Natural Cat Repellant via Geeks Of Gardens

We have a LOT of neighborhood cats, to the point where I wonder if there is an old cat lady somewhere down the street.  I’m pretty sure the cats all use my yard as a litter box, which is not a good thing for my upcoming veggie plantings so I was looking for some natural deterrent options and I came across this article about Stop Cats From Pooping In Your Garden Flowerbeds by Geeks of Gardens which I will be trying to see if it works and I can take back my yard from the litterbox!

Homemade Air Fresheners Via Old Barn Homestead

Last year, I developed a bunch of allergies and now I have problems with some commercially made air fresheners with my allergies, let alone the price tag.  I found this wonderful how-to guide on DIY Air Fresheners by Old Barn HomeStead and I love that it used old glass jars and I can customize the scent and top it up as needed.  I can’t recycle glass where I love so I absolutely love upcyling ideas with glass jars to keep them out of the land fill.

Natural Insect Repellant Via Essential Homestead

Simple to use, easy to make and no harsh chemicals All Purpose Garden Spray by Essential Homestead uses plant essential oils to deter pests from plants. Maybe I should try it on myself to deter the mosquitoes from me!