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Horticultural Therapy via The Times Online

Most gardening enthusiasts will tell you how they enjoy relaxing in the garden, connecting with nature or seeing what they have achieved as the season progresses.  Now there are courses available to design garden spaces with therapy in mind.  From veteran rehabilitation to memory improvement; horticultural therapy is on the rise and something close to my heart.  Many years ago I helped to create a sensory therapy garden in one of my towns allotments for kids to come and learn about plants as well as being able to smell, taste and touch things.  My part was forming the ideas and presentation to the town council for approval of the idea and to secure funding for it.  Horticultural Therapy Is A Garden Specialty by The Times Online takes you through some key aspects of therapeutic gardens and may spark ideas of how you can incorporate some of these into your own garden.

Climate Change And Bees via NASA Earth Observatory

Awareness of the importance of bees in the pollination of our well loved fruits and veggies is on the rise; I see no end of Tweets and Pins for how you can help save the bees by providing sources of nectar and water for them. Buzzing About Climate Change by NASA Earth Observatory is an interesting article discussing if the species we depend on for pollination will change how they behave in response to climatic changes and how scientists can map out the behavior to potentially predict trends and changes on a wider scale.

Community Garden Set Up By Students via Technician Online

I wish my university had a community garden, my time would have been split much better between lectures, labs, work and pub with a much healthier outcome with less stress!  SOUL Garden Grows Vegetables, Community by Technician discusses the North Carolina State University student founded (and run) community garden where students can buy a plot and grow their own food.