Dear Readers,

It’s that time of the week again, grab a cuppa and while away a few minutes with this weeks round up from the web.  I focused on some great tutorials this week for things for the garden.

Row Signs via A Dash Of Granola

I will be completely honest; I am terrible at labeling things in the garden.  I have over 10 seed trays all sown with absolutely no idea what is in them.  I make labels but usually not enough and I have yet to label a row in the garden.  Well that is going to change!  Thanks to fellow Utah bloggers; the lovely family over at A Dash of Granola, this Row Sign tutorial has inspired me to make some handy signs for my garden so when the neighbors come on over for a chat as I’m weeding I’m not trying to remember what is sprouting!

Upcycled Bird Feeder via Embracing Life’s Journey

Easy recycling project for a plastic bottle and a plastic lid into a handy bird feeder to help attract more wildlife into the garden.  Birds can help reduce the population of pests in your beloved garden so why not pop over to Embracing Life’s Journey and have a go at making an Upcycled Birdfeeder this weekend?

Using Mirrors In Outdoor Spaces via The Brambleberry Cottage

Mirrors outside help to make spaces feel bigger or to create illusions of otherworldly fairy dimensions it seems on Pinterest.  I love the thought of a decorative mirror or two in the garden if I didn’t think I would blind people with the sun or a wooded lot that would seem magical to stumble upon one of these upcycled mirrors by The Brambleberry Cottage.

Make A Potting Bench From Wood Pallets via YouTube Steve Ramsey

Ok so DIY stuff isn’t my strong point and I’ve helped with most of the DIY project on Misfit Gardening but I think even I could have a go at this Rustic Potting Bench by Woodworking For Mere Mortals without my husband’s supervision!  It would also make a great outdoor bar….now the possibilities are endless!

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