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5 Tips To Grow More In A Small Space Via Pass The Pistil

Space will always be in high demand for urban dwellers and many communities in suburban settings are having smaller yards and gardens for larger homes.  Getting to grips with vertical growing or vertical gardening might just be your ticket to try growing something even if you just have a tiny porch.

In  How To Grow More Vegetables In Less Space by Pass The Pistle, Emily shares how to choose your plants, harness vertical gardening and companion planting to maximize your yields after starting with the soil.  As my granny always said, “Get the soil right, and the rest will work itself out.”

44% Hives Suffered Colony Collapse In The US In 2016 Via Mother Jones

How did that subtitle make you feel?

When I saw that title I was shocked.  I have just received my Utah Department of Food and Agriculture Beekeeping License and my family and I are working hard to do the things we need in order to comply with the City ordinance to be able to have the hive and the City beekeeping license (for the beehive state, some places make it very difficult!).  According to the article Almost Half of US Honeybee Hives Collapsed Last Year at Mother Jones varroa mite infestation and spread of hives is a culprit along with the pesticides being used in commercial agriculture and gardens across the US.

Bee awareness is thankfully on the rise and people are beginning to help with bees by providing food and water sources, awareness regarding the use of neonicitinoid based pesticides that are used on the country’s corn and soy crops but will it be enough?

15 Foraged Edibles That You Probably Weed via Just Plain Living

Moving to a foreign country has challenges when it comes to gardening or just out walking the dogs; what’s that plant? Is it poisonous? I prided myself on knowing many of England’s edibles and poisonous plants thanks to Big Grandad and Granny teaching me these old world skills but here, I’m out of my element.  When weeding in the garden I struggle to tell if it is a weed or a seedling and have had lots of unknown weeds come up on the beds that have been tilled.

Thanks to 15 Edibles You Do Not Need To Plant by Just Plain Living, I can let plants grow a bit bigger and maybe have something extra in the salads!

Choosing The Right Chickens For The Backyard Via Mother Earth News

Since I’m working to help a group bring backyard chickens into my city, I thought I would share this article How To Choose The Right Breed Of Chicken For Your Backyard Coop at Mother Earth News.  Although the city is still working through changing the ordinance, my family and I are talking chickens and what we want to have; large egg production, colorful eggs, cold hardy, heat tolerant to name a few needs.  The article gave us some more food for thought especially in the consideration of rare breed birds.