Dear Readers,

Welcome to this week’s Weblink Wednesday and a homemade, upcycled and recycled theme.

I’m excited to share a few DIY projects for the home and garden which you can make in a couple of hours or less.

Hummingbird Feeders via The Self Sufficient Living

Last Sunday, just before a thunderstorm I saw my first hummingbird at the window. My last encounter with these lovely little birds was 2 years ago when I was weeding the garden in my rental property and one flew into my hair amongst the five foot high weeds.

Take a look at The Self Sufficient Livings 15 Homemade Hummingbird Feeders From Recycled Materials for some inspiration to make your own.  A great project to do with kids and decorate.  Remember don’t use dyes to color the sugar water for the birds, use something red to make false flowers to attract them.

DIY Hummingbird Nectar Via The Gardening Cook

You will need some sugar water to put into your newly made hummingbird feeder, check out DIY Humming Bird Nectar at The Gardening Cook.

Sweater Pillows via Tidbits

I love combing through thrift stores and luckily, so does my husband!  I enjoy finding things which can be turned into something else and loved again.

Whilst brainstorming ideas for patio furniture and outdoor eating areas I found Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows on Tidbits and immediately fell in love with them.  Sweaters are durable and longlasting which is fantastic for my family, I’ll be stitching up some of these shortly!

Make A Cold Frame via Misfit Gardening

I know summer isn’t even here yet but it’s never too early to think about getting ready for autumn and winter by making a cold frame to protect your tender crops or an early start on you seeds for the following year.  Find the step by step tutorial here How To Make A Cold Frame by recycling a door.

Pallets In The Garden via Worthminer

Whilst on the hunt for garden furniture that would suit our needs, I found 30 Genius Ways To Use Pallets In Your Garden by Worthminer.  From coffee tables, and seating to planters and more, the wooden pallet is often found for free, why not see what you can make with some for your garden?

DIY Seed Tape via Premeditated Leftovers

Do you often have problems getting the correct spacing on your sowings? Are you tired of thinning seedlings and feel that you are wasting them?

By using flour paste (glue) to stick the seeds onto newspaper you can make a completed biodegradable recycled seed tape to correctly space your seeds in the garden.  See the DIY Seed Tape tutorial over at Premeditated Leftovers.

Bottle Cap Wind Chime via Kelli Nina Perkins

Bottle cap art is something I quite enjoy; I’ve seen mirrors, tables, benches and even a rather majestic throne decorated in them.  If you go through a lot of bottles and want to do something with the caps, a nice easy project would be a Bottle Cap Wind Chime see Kelli Nina Perkins for the inspiration and the tutorial.

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