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Happy Wednesday!  Why don’t you grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and and see if some of this week’s stories and tutorials inspire you?

Hidden Sewing Or Office Via Cottage Hill

I have a sewing space already in a guest bedroom which I’m going to be converting to a home office to have a creative space for running this blog and sewing whilst the rest of the house undergoes remodeling.

I spotted this DIY Sewing Cabinet by Cottage Hill on my Pinterest feed and my creative juices immediately started pumping.  This repurposed armoire is a fantastic idea for people with little spaces and could be modified to be an extra countertop in the kitchen when canning or placed outdoors as a decorative potting bench or outdoor kitchen.

Tumbling Composter via Misfit Gardening

Tumbling composters are much easier to aerate by turning than a traditional compost heap and can easily be made with a 55 gallon drum.  Take a look at the Building A Tumbling Composter tutorial and see what you could do to compost quickly in a small space.

Chicken Coop Designs via Pioneer Settler

I have talked before that I’m quite involved with a group in my city working to bring chickens into suburban backyards.  As such, I get quite excited about the prospect of designing the perfect chicken coop.

Pioneer Settler has collated a list of 15 More Awesome Chicken Coop Ideas And Designs that have caused a number of creative drawings by my husband and bouncing ideas of location, size, runs and everything else for the moment the city council approve the proposed ordinance changes.

I love the Old West styled one since we went to Tombstone for our honeymoon and if we build our own, it will have all the features of the coops we have seen in stores that we like but never seem to be altogether on one model….

3 Tips To Improve Your Flock’s Omega 3 Levels via Mother Earth News

In the Western world we have way too much omega 6 fatty acids in our diets but not enough omega 3s.  Omega 3 fatty acids are needed for cognitive (brain) function, eye health, heart health even reproductive health.

As a chicken owner you can improve the health of your flock and improve the nutritional content of your eggs and meat in 3 steps.  See Mother Earth News Raising Omega-3 Rich Chicken And Eggs With Pasture And Proper Feed to find out how.

Slug Traps via Justine Larbalestier

With lots of rain, my family back in England have mentioned the dreaded slug a few times.  Cornmeal and a mason jar is all you need to catch those pesky critters that just love to decimate your new row of seedlings.  See Justine Larbalestier Slug Trap trick in her Q&A.

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