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I’m trying something a bit new and I thought I would share my favorite stories and ideas from around the Internet relating to gardening, crafting, brewing or homesteading skills.

This week’s favorites are:

Antibiotics use and resistant bacteria in soil via Science Daily

Scientists in Denmark at Aarhus university have been conducting experiments to investigate if antibiotics used increase the abundance of bacteria with antibiotic resistant genes in soil relating to manure application from the animals which were treated.

The study has been conducted using soil samples collected from 1923, to read more visit Science Daily Antibiotics Use Affects The Abundance Of Resistant Bacteria In Soil

Portland to sue Monsanto for Polychlorinated biphenyl contamination via Portland Tribune

Agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto Company (also manufacturer of Roundup and GMO seeds) is about to be sued by Portland, OR for polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) contamination.  PCBs were once used across many inductries but have been shown to be difficult to remove from the environment and are a potential carcinogen.

The city intends to sue for the contamination of fish, birds and oysters by PCB as far back as 1969.  The US  Environmental Protection Agency banned the manufacture of PCBs in 1979.

Documents have come to light for Portland and several other cities indicating that the industry giant knew about the contamination.

Want to read more?  Check out the article from The Portland Tribune, if you want to know more about the colorful history of Monsanto see MonsantoNatural NewsOrganic Consumers Association and The New York Times to name a few.

Grow a Gourmet Vegetable Garden via The Telegraph

Struggling to think of worthwhile veggies to grow in your plot? Consider some of the pricier vegetables such as the lemony sorrel, often seen at farmer’s markets as Lemon Spinach or mixed salad leaves to save $6 a box at the store or seasonal fruits packed full of flavor when fresh out the garden.

Check out The Telegraph What To Grow In Your Gourmet Veg Patch to find out more.

Looking for an Unusual Spring Wine To Make? via The Guardian and Winemaking

Birch sap wine is a favorite among English foragers, myself included.  This seasonal tipple is one of the first wines I make followed by elderflower champagne then cherry wine.

The Guardian How To Make Birch Sap Wine and Winemaking by Jack Keller have a couple of recipes to try.  Like many country wines, it is a bit of an acquired taste.

Getting a head start on spring by growing Vegetables Indoors via Turtle Tree Seed

Sowing winter hardy crops under cover to get ahead and beat the hungry gap is the usual at Misfit Gardening but what about growing more warm loving vegetables inside? Biodynamic,open pollinated seed company  Turtle Tree Seed had some fun ideas for indoor crops check them out at Sowing Winter Hardy Greens Brings Hope To Lengthening Days.

Plastic eating bacteria discovered via Mother Nature News

Packaging companies have looked at compostable plastics for a while now in efforts to reduce the waste generated by plastics  but scientists at  Kyoto Institute of Technology and Keio University have discovered a strain of bacteria that breaks down polyethylene terephthalate (PET plastic).

PET is used in water bottles, film packaging for food and even clothing generating tons of waste each year.  Read more on this story at Mother Nature News.

What were your favorite stories this week?

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