Dear Readers,

I love composting with Bokashi, it means I can compost raw meat, raw fish, dairy, cooked meat and fish as well as all the other items which go into a compost heap.  

Bokashi means I have even less waste heading for landfill coming out of my kitchen and I already use a worm composter, my chickens and a traditional compost heap.

I love my Bokashi composter so much, I want you guys to try it too!

If you don’t know about Bokashi, check out my video on YouTube below about the benefits of Bokashi:


If you don’t want to listen to me rabbiting on then here are the highlights:

  • Bokashi allows you to compost raw and cooked meat, fish and dairy
  • You get less flies because it is a sealed low oxygen system
  • It is a two fold process; step 1 is fermenting the waste, step 2 is burying the waste to compost
  • It produces a juice/liquid which can be diluted as a feed for plants or used neat to help prevent clogs in drains
  • It composts fast when buried
  • You can compost all the other waste which would normally go in a big compost heap
  • It is small
  • It smells a bit like pickles or winemaking
  • It doesn’t attract vermin or pests
  • It improves soil structure
  • Means less waste heading to the landfill

So if you want to reduce your waste heading to landfill, improve soil structure why not try Bokashi composting?

Need more convincing?

It is low odor, airtight and small enough to go in a cupboard or pantry.  I keep mine on my back porch and it doesn’t attract flies.

The liquid produced as a by-product of the fermentation process helps to activate compost heaps, feed plants and reduce clogged drains and odors.

You can add fruit and vegetable cores, peelings, off-cuts and trimmings, coffee grinds, tea bags or loose tea leaves, small bones, eggshells, cooked food scraps and more!

It’s super easy to clean and use. Once the fermentation is complete you can add the waste to the compost heap or a hole in the garden to compost.

It’s made with recycled plastic too!

I’m super Excited about this post!

win a bokashi composter

Original Photo Credit: Vermitek

I’ve been working on this a while now and excited to say that I teamed up with Vermitek, the makers of my Bokashi Composting Kit to be able to giveaway 3 of their Bokashi basic models as a prize.

The contest is open to all residents of the United States of America aged 18 and above. (Sorry international readers, I can’t ship this item globally).

Yup, I really do love my Bokashi composting system!

What you will win

The prize is: 

1 pc of Bokashi bucket

1 pc of Bokashi juice cup

1 pc of claw/compactor

1 bag (2.2lb) of Bokashi bran

A total retail value of $53 each!

Vermitek bokashi compost kit

Photo credit: Vermitek


3 winners will receive one of these kits!

How to Enter

Follow the Rafflecopter contest widget below to:

  • Comment on this blog post about how Bokashi Composting could benefit your garden or homestead

You can get additional entry points by Tweeting the contest daily, liking our Facebook page, follow me on Instagram and by subscribing to our newsletter.

How are the winners chosen?

To avoid being in a mess with the Utah anti-gambling law this must be a contest, as such a panel of judges will choose the winners based on number of entry points and the detail of blog post comments submitted on this post about how Bokashi Composting could benefit your garden or homestead.

What’s the catch?

Well, I really want to spread the word about Bokashi composting and get more gardeners and homesteaders to try it.  As such, in 3 months after receiving the kit I would like to post a winner’s’ review piece where the 3 winners can review the product and any tips or issues they ran into with some photos. All which will be credited back to the winner with links to websites as necessary if the winner is a fellow blogger.  Click for the full Contest Terms and Conditions

Enter the Contest

Good luck to everyone who enters!  The contest is open until 12:00 am 24 November 2016.

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