Dear Readers,

The dark nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping rapidly in many places.  This morning I was out walking the dogs and I noticed the ground glittering with frost in the orange glow from the street lights before that satisfying underfoot crunch of frosty leaves. It was a shame the beautiful moment was broken to scoop up steamy poop but such is life.

I returned home from work to chicken cacciatore in the slow cooker and a mission to review several online nurseries where I can order bare foot fruit and nuts trees from before the ground is too hard for planting with ground frost.

I really want to plant hazelnuts also known as cobnuts or filberts since these can be kept quite small in the garden and will start cropping much earlier than something like a walnut which can take more than twenty years to crop. I’m also looking for cooking apple trees like the tart English Bramley apple and apples for hard cider (that’s the only cider to us Brits!). So far I have not found what I’m looking for so if you Readers have any suggestions please leave a comment to let me know.

So with my orchard tree search not going as planned, I took to reviewing the vegetable list of what I want to grow next year to see me through the year.  2016 will be featuring my usual favorites of beans such as cannilini and borlotti, a myriad of squashes, kale, salads, chard and spinach. I also want to grow globe artichokes, sunchokes, more heirloom tomatoes and try sweet potatoes and celeriac (celery root) too.

I’m lucky enough to have a home with a good amount of storage but lacking space to be able to get plants started early enough. So watch this space for some creative starts to growing from seed and getting the tomatoes and peppers going early to get ahead next summer.

For now however, I can concentrate on decorating the guest bedroom with a superhero comic book theme ready for Christmas and visitors.