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How to take cuttings

Propagating Plants

Dear Readers,

I have a bit of a problem with the neighborhood kids; they are always playing in my front yard, jumping off the porch steps on bikes and scooters and running around the place, usually right after I put down organic fertilizer on the lawn to try and fix the patches in the grass.

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what is bokashi composting

Bokashi Composting Benefits (Misfit Gardening Now On YouTube!)

Dear Readers,

I have been super busy behind the scenes here working on a video all about Bokashi composting.

Actually I’ve been working on a few videos, a product review, planning an orchard layout and moving established trees as well as harvesting even more stuff out the garden and working on a giveaway as well as my normal job!!! Read More

Gardening benefits stress reduction

The Healing Garden: Reduce your Stress Levels With Gardening

Dear Readers,

Gardening benefits are numerous from exercise and calorie burn to producing wholesome food for the table but did you know that gardening can help you reduce your stress levels?

The Healing Garden or therapeutic garden is much more than herbs grown for beneficial teas or aromatherapy, it’s benefits include exercise, positive energy in creating something beautiful and being around the natural world.  These gardens are found around the world and are usually designed specifically with the purpose of physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people using the garden as well as their caregivers, family members and friends in mind.
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Make your own natural organic fertilizers at home

Learn the Secret to Getting Better Harvests with Homemade Natural Liquid Fertilizer

Dear Readers,

I want to share a secret with you so you can get amazing harvests in your garden too. I’m going to tell you how you can make your own liquid fertilizer using things you might already have in your garden.

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Start Urban Homesteading With Canning Tips and Free Traditional English Canning Recipes

4 Tips When Canning With Old Recipes Plus 5 Free Traditional English Recipes

We’ve been preserving and canning a lot recently.  Actually I would say that I have been canning like a demon to make use of the in season fruit and vegetables in the store, market stands and the garden. My husband supplied the drinks and helped with the chopping to lend a hand and get through it all!

The first year at this property was not very successful in the garden and that’s to be expected; you need to build the soil, figure out the nuances of the microclimates within your property and figure out the plants that grow well in your area. Read More

Urban Homesteading Making Raised Hugelkultur Beds

Hugelkultur In A Raised Bed

Dear Readers,

This post is about hugelkultur and how you can incorporate it into your garden.

Hugelkultur is an Eastern European growing method that is popular in permaculture circles and techniques.  It creates a raised bed and improves its fertility or nutrient content and soil structure over time by mimicking the natural decomposition of woodlands.

It is often seen as a raised mound or hill-like structure in gardens across the globe. Read More