East Canyon, Utah 2015

Hey there I’m Emma a.k.a. Emsydoodle to my Gran an Ems to everyone else.  I was born and raised in England and I’ve been lucky enough to move from the Lincolnshire Wolds on the north east coast of England, to the forests and woodlands of New Jersey and now to the gorgeous Wasatch mountains of Utah, gardening all the way!

I’ve been gardening all my life and it is something I enjoy on a regular basis along with English tea, Glenfiddich and Cardhu whiskey and binge watching Supernatural.

Visiting Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland, 2016 (it was AWESOME and you should totally go!)

I have a Masters degree in Chemistry and I am not your typical scientist; to start with I enjoy sunlight and socializing! I am extremely sarcastic, I probably swear (and drink) far too much and have a terrible relationship with food.

Misfit Gardening

New Jersey, 2013

My other loves include my beloved dogs that I flew with from England when I emigrated; Sparky is the slinky black and white blue merle border collie and Teddy is the fluffy bear dog.  He’s a newfoundland cross and loves snuggles.  I’m a big heavy metal fan but I have a huge dream to visit DollyWood…

I. Love. Dolly.

I’ve been very lucky to have traveled around the world and met some amazing people on my travels. I hike and garden mostly barefoot, brew beer, mead and wine, bake, sew and blog when I’m not at work at my day job.

Why Misfit Gardening?

I’m not your typical gardener, I like to experiment and test my theories and ideas. I also like to use organic, biodynamic or hybrid methods of gardening.  By hybrid methods I mean I pick and choose what I like from different gardening methods and cobble them together into something that works for me.  This has lead to a number of debates during my time in England on Allotments surrounded by aged gardeners who use plenty of boxed NPK fertilizers and bottles of various (and probably now banned) pesticides.

My Granny always said that the land will find a way of bringing you back to it and this is how I’m changing my lifestyle to tackle stress related health problems head on by changing the food I eat to be pesticide, herbicide, hormone and antibiotic free.

Organic gardening biodynamic gardening and urban homesteading 

I have a dream, like many folks who work in large corporations; to live a simple life and move to a homestead or small holding, live off the fat of the land and to raise and grow my own food.  This is the first steps along that journey, for each year that goes by and I can hone my homesteading skills whilst working and saving; I can be better prepared for what will come when I reach my goal and more lessons are thrown in by Mother Nature.

Goblin Valley, Utah 2015

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Mission Statement

Below are the main seven points which I live by that are the foundations of this blog:

  1. To grow the food needed to live away from the grocery store as much as possible.
  2. To support friends, family and local food banks with excess produce and to preserve the bounty of the gardens to provide food throughout the year.
  3. To grow biodynamically and organic to maintain the natural ecosystems on my property.
  4. To utilize natural resources and support local organizations.
  5. To share knowledge and learn from others.
  6. To love, laugh and enjoy my time with family and friends.
  7. To reduce waste by reusing, recycling, thrifting or anything else to reduce the amount going to landfill.

    This blog is the first steps on living a sustainable life and how I take steps to achieve my dream of owning a homestead.

About this blog


Misfit Gardening is a blog about growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.  It is also about what to do with all of it when you hit the glut in summer and autumn.

From preparing the ground, planning the plants and growing in the garden to cooking, canning, preserving and brewing the bounty with a smattering of crafts and my puppies of course.


This blog is the first steps on living a sustainable life and how I take steps to achieve my dream of owning a homestead.