Heirloom plants are fascinating to me; they are full of color, vibrancy and make the garden feel magical.  This post is 13 enchanting heirloom plants which you should try growing in your garden this season.

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When you think of an enchanted place, what do you think of? A sunlight dappled forest perhaps? A secluded waterfall? A stone circle? A church, temple or other holy place of worship?  

how to grow a magical garden

What About Your Very Own Backyard?

The British Isles have a rich history steeped in magic and folklore.  There are many tales of being “away with the fairies” and losing time in a place of enchantment and wonder.  That’s how I feel in the garden; when flowering plants are grown together with vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs.  The hum of bees and the song of birds fills the air and you can take time to watch an insect feeding and pollinating and forget about the troubles of the day. Nature occurring without a care for the troubles modern life puts upon many.

heirloom fruit to grow

You can make your very own backyard feel more magical by creating diversely planted beds with flowers, herbs and beautiful heirlooms which are just as beautiful in the garden and on the plate. Meandering pathways and archways filled with climbers add interest and mystery to the garden or lead to a seating area in a grove.  Be creative in your plantings; archways can be made from fruit trees and pruning or climbers like grapes and roses.


Why Grow Heirlooms?

Growing an heirloom is growing a little piece of history.  They are available in a kaleidoscope of jeweled colors, shapes and flavors.  A garden rich in color and texture is a magical place to be; the sunlight moving with the leaves in the breeze, the song of the bees dancing among the flowers, the smell of the flowers on the air, fruit ripening on the vine.

Grow your own little piece of enchantment in your garden with these 13 inspiring heirloom fruits and vegetables sure to make your plate and garden feel a little more magical!

1.  Flat White Boer Pumpkin

heirloom plants to grow

Flat, pure, snow white pumpkins borne on undulating green vines.  This pumpkin originates from South Africa and has orange flesh which is ideal for pies and for baking.

2.  Rouge Vif D’ Etampes Pumpkin

Heirlooms you should be growing

Photo Credit: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

What says enchanting like a great Cinderella pumpkin?  Rouge Vif D’ Etampes is the variety to grow in your garden.  The skin is a deep orange-red and this old French variety has been grown since 1880.

3.  Amaranth

heirloom plants

Photo Credit: The Druid’s Garden

An ancient grain which are harvested and dried for grain. Amaranth is highly ornamental and comes in red, orange, green and yellow.  Amaranth in flower remind me of flames rising from the garden bed and the leaves can be eaten like a spinach and some varieties can be used as a dye.

4.  Asian Winged Bean

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Also known as the Hunan Winged Bean and Asparagus Pea.  They are beautifully fluted bean pods with pale blue flowers that thrives in warm areas.    The plant is a high producer and the leaves can be cooked like spinach and the roots are edible also. 

5.  Violet de Provence Artichoke

vegetables you should be growing

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Artichokes are a favorite of bees and this particular variety is just as beautiful on the plate as well as in the garden.  Artichokes are highly ornamental in the garden bed and look lovely in a mixed flower bed or vegetable bed.

6.  Glass Gem Corn

heirloom plants you need to grow

These grow to about 6 feet tall and multiple ears form on each stalk.  Each ear you open is a surprise.  I had these beautiful pearly pastel colors.  Glass Gem corn is good for eating fresh and making into popcorn.


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7.  Moon and Stars Watermelon

heirloom vegetables you should grow

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Also known as Sun, Moon and Stars watermelon.  The dark green flesh gives way to a galaxy of yellow stars and a large circular sun or moon.  Flesh can be red-pink or yellow depending on the variety and is said to be very flavorful.

8.  Bright Lights Swiss Chard

beautiful heirlooms to grow

Photo Credit: Renee’s Garden Seeds

Swiss chard in beautiful jeweled colors will cheer up any early spring garden bed and plate.  Bright Lights are easy to grow and are stunning grown with marigolds in the plot.

9.  Borlotti Beans

enchanting plants you should be growing

Speckled pink pods and speckled beans make Borlotti beans a lovely addition grown over an archway in the garden.  These climbing beans reach 8 feet and bear delicate pink flowers and good yields.

10.  Chinese Lantern Gigantea

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

These edible sweet-tart berries look like lanterns for fairies!  The husks turn a fiery orange when ripe.  Ground cherries or physalis usually have a high pectin content making them ideal for jams, jellies and preserves.  This Gigantea variety makes lovely additions to floral displays and is typically a perennial grown in much of the US.

11.  Chinese 5 Color Peppers

beautiful heirloom vegetables

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Highly ornamental and pretty enough to hold their own in a pot or garden bed as a colorful display.  These hot peppers produce different colors on the plant and look stunning as they change colors through the season as the pepper ripens.

12.  Carouby De Maussane Snow Pea

magical plants you should be growing

These beautiful two toned flowers produce huge sweet pods early in the season.  Carouby De Maussane snow peas are a prolific producer of pods,  This variety of snow pea is one of my absolute favorites and deliciously sweet right off the vine!

13.  Arumugams Eggplant (Aubergine)

Beautiful vegetables to grow

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

These eggplants are produced in a range of colors from a snowy white to a striped apple green or lavender.  Originating from India, this variety works well in curry, soup, stew as well as being stuffed.  A superb amount of flavor in the fruit and are quite high yielding.

What fruit or vegetables make your garden more enchanting or magical?  Let me know in the comments!

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Grow some enchantment in your garden with these inspiring heirlooms. Click to find out what magical looking heirloom plants to grow garden or pin it for later

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