Hello again,

In this post I’d like to show you the tumbling composter that my other half made me.

As an organic gardener, compost is very important to me and the fertility of the soil and the nutrients of the produce we will harvest.

To make the composter you will need:

2×4 cut to the appropriate height (we wanted to fit a wheelbarrow underneath to collect the compost once ready)

2 sawhorse brackets

1 drum (we used a 55 gallon drum)

1 pipe long enough to go through the drum with overhang at each side

metal sheeting to make interior baffles to aid mixing (optional)






To build:

Drill plenty of air holes around the barrel and on the ends.  Don’t make them too big or you will lose the compost as the barrel turns.

Cut a large hole at each end of the barrel so the supporting pipe will slot through.

Cut a door in the side to the size you want.  Think about what will be easiest for you to remove the finished compost.  Attach hinges and latches to close the door and keep it secure when turning.


Cut the 2×4 to the height that works for you.  We wanted to be high enough to fit a wheelbarrow underneath.  Slot the wood into the sawhorse brackets and screw to secure.

With some help, lift the barrel with the pole through into the top sawhorse bracket and open up to close.  The barrel should move freely.

Take care when filling the barrel and turning it when it contains material, it will get heavy. Take all precautions to operate the tumbling composter in a safe manner including appropriate positioning and securing of the system.

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