How To Grow Garlic Organically and Biodynamically

Growing garlic is really easy and fall is the right time to get garlic planted in your garden.  In this post I’m going to show you how to grow garlic both organically and biodynamically so you can have a great harvest of homegrown garlic next year. Read More

How to Create a Biodynamic Raised Bed

Making A Raised Bed Biodynamically

Dear Readers,

Biodynamic agriculture is a sustainable growing method which can be adopted for the home garden and something which I’m very passionate about. Vegetables, fruits and flowers all benefit from these planting and cultivating methods which use organic gardening as the foundation of the system. Read More

Trees, Seeds, Vines & Bines

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It is crazy busy here at Misfit Gardening at the moment!  I mentioned that I have a lot of plants and seeds on the way ready for spring and moving some more established plants.

I’m resetting the garden by planting biodynamically so I have my biodynamic preparations on order so hopefully they arrive soon so I can get started. Read More

Biodynamic Gardening – How We’re Doing It

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The nice thing about gardening is there is freedom to experiment; if you don’t like a particular technique, you can find another.  This is how we have come to biodynamic gardening, some things work for us, some don’t and we have to experiment and try new things to find out what works for us and our garden. Read More

Radish Harvest

First Radish Harvest

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Between the rain showers and thunderstorms we have been able to harvest our first radishes of the season between all three vegetable gardens and we had some quite surprising results so far. Read More

Mommy can I eat the veggies now?

Biodynamic Garden and No-Dig Organic Garden Updates

Dear Readers,

It has been a couple of months since we built the bed for the biodynamic and no-dig organic gardens and I wanted to share with you how the growth has compared between the two since planting up. Read More

Quartz crystals in spring flowers

Biodynamic Solution Preparation: BD 500

Dear Readers,

As mentioned in an earlier post, my order of biodynamic preparations arrived.  The preparations sent were enough to cover a 1 acre plot, so I would like to share with you how I have been making up the solution of the preparation 500 or horn manure for my little space. Read More

Biodynamic Update: What Arrived From Josephine Porter Institute

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I was incredibly excited to open the package from the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics; among all of the consumables to use in the garden, they sent a stack of information on each preparation, how to use it and some interesting biodynamic tips and of course, the North American Biodynamic Planting Calendar which has not been out of arms reach since it arrived! Read More