How To Make Zucchini Wine Step By Step

I’m sure you must be thinking “Zucchini wine? Are you crazy?!” but it isn’t complete lunacy as it might sound and I’m going to tell you step by step how to use your glut of courgettes and zucchinis in a way you never thought possible!

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Start Urban Homesteading With Canning Tips and Free Traditional English Canning Recipes

4 Tips When Canning With Old Recipes Plus 5 Free Traditional English Recipes

We’ve been preserving and canning a lot recently.  Actually I would say that I have been canning like a demon to make use of the in season fruit and vegetables in the store, market stands and the garden. My husband supplied the drinks and helped with the chopping to lend a hand and get through it all!

The first year at this property was not very successful in the garden and that’s to be expected; you need to build the soil, figure out the nuances of the microclimates within your property and figure out the plants that grow well in your area. Read More

Home brew cherry wine recipe

Home Brew Cherry Wine Recipe

Dear Readers,

Today I’m sharing my cherry wine recipe with you so that you can have a go at making it.  The great thing about this cherry wine is that it is ready much quicker than some of the wines I make and is perfect for a summer picnic. Read More

Why I’m Drinking Coffee Bullet-proof Style

Dear Readers,

Today’s post isn’t about gardening and since the weather is forecast for strong winds and storms this weekend rather than trying to get into the gardens, I fancied a weekend inside concentrating on sewing 9my mending pile is enormous now) and cooking or maybe a bottle of pear wine with my girlfriends in the hot tub relaxing since this week has been pretty stressful for many of us.  It is about brewing, of a sorts…. Read More

How to Preserve Spinach or Kale

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Dear Readers,

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are somewhat over run with leafy green out of the garden and rather than eaten them all now (which we are still doing), we wanted to preserve the bounty to use in months to come. Read More