Dear Readers,

Today I’d like to how you step by step how to make a slug beer trap to catch those pesky critters using recycled containers and old beer.

Step 1

Select a deep, empty container such as a butter or margarine tub or a yogurt pot and clean it.

How to make a slug trap

Step 2

If you want to use a lid on the trap to stop pets investigating the trap, cut entry holes into the sides of the pot.  You can cut the entry hole up to the lip which holds the lid if you want.

How to make a slug trap


Step 3

Cut holes all the way around the top.

How to make a slug trap

Step 4

Fill the container with beer dregs.

How to make a slug trap


Step 5

Place the lid on top of the container and take out to the garden.  Bury the container so that the holes are level with the soil.  If your container doesn’t have a lid, bury so the container lies flush with the soil.  Slugs like dark, moist conditions so prop a large flat stone or something similar over the top of the container, if you have a lid on the container you can cover with pebbles to keep it dark.

How to make a slug trap


Slugs love the beer and will crawl inside to drink it and will usually drown in their happily drunken state.  Change the trap once a week and replenish with fresh (stale) beer.  The dead slugs and beer can go on the compost bin.

Other easy slug traps include quarters or halves of peeled citrus fruit which slugs are also partial too.  These don’t kill the slugs but allow you to find them in the vicinity of the citrus peels to capture and dispatch.