Dear Readers,

Biodynamic agriculture is a sustainable growing method which can be adopted for the home garden and something which I’m very passionate about. Vegetables, fruits and flowers all benefit from these planting and cultivating methods which use organic gardening as the foundation of the system.

I have discussed biodynamic growing methods before in Starting A Biodynamic Garden  and way back in the early Blogspot days: Biodynamic Gardening – How We’re Doing It when I started growing this way.  I was soon converted when I had more colorful produce, less pest damage, sweeter tasting vegetables and they kept longer when harvested.

My newest post for Mother Earth News Organic Gardening Blog takes you through how make a simple raised bed and how to covert an existing bed to be biodynamic.

If you want better soil structure, increased worm populations, stronger plants and arguably, more nutritious plants How To Build A Vegetable Bed Biodynamically Part 2 will show you how by getting the soil right for your plants.

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