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I followed up my post for Mother Earth News with even more organic liquid fertilizer recipes so you can get better harvests in your garden.

These recipes use herbs which you may already have in the garden or manure as well as some tips when you make natural fertilizers.

Read the full article here: Make Your Own Natural Liquid Fertilizers 

If you need more convincing about the effectiveness of organic fertilizers, let me share with you some of the successes which I attribute to the organic liquid fertilizer I have made.


DIY natural fertilizer recipes

These 6 pumpkins, plus 2 we have already used or given to friends and the 3 still growing on the vine.  Our garden is about 225 square feet and is quite jam packed with plants.  These pumpkins came from a couple of vines and were ready early September although it’s an early fall here with snow already on the mountains here in Utah.

Summer Squash

I sowed these late, like end of July late but I’ve has successional harvests from zucchini and patty pan squashes and more squashes are ripening.


Natural fertilizer recipeSown early June, these babies grew to be well over 12 feet high, brought in lots and lots of bees and have seeds about 1/2 inch in size on heads the size of dinner plates.  I grew these for chicken treats during winter and now the heads are drying inside.


In all honesty, I’ve forgotten how many cuts of broccoli we have made throughout the season.  We’ve been cutting it and freezing it a lot during this summer and trying to come up with exciting ways to use them in the kitchen.

Urban Homesteading Resource Library


This year has been terrible for tomatoes in Utah, has anyone else had a bad year with them?  It has been too hot for them here but since I’ve been feeding them we’ve had lots of tomatoes form which are slowly ripening.  If you know how to ripen green tomatoes I’m all ears because we might have a lot if the snow on the mountain is indicative of what the weather will soon be in the valley. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, try making your own natural liquid fertilizer and see how good your harvests can be!

If you give organic liquid fertilizers a try or you have a recipe to share please share them in the comments or at the Misfit Gardening Community Forum, we would love you hear your ideas and tips.

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