I really enjoy making my own liquid fertilizers and seeing the growth on the garden over the next day or two.  Sometimes plants can really astound you with how quickly they change and grow.  If you want to see some great growth on your plants and build your soil at the same time then read on to find out more!

This is a sponsored post where I received a product to try and review.  All opinions are my own, as of the publishing date, the value of the item was  $19.97.

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I love trying new products when they come through and I love experimenting in the garden.  I’ve done a few trials from growing biodynamically versus organic, pest control and fertilizers.

Being able to try something new in the garden helps keep my inner mad scientist happy and this year has been no exception!  With the whole garden redesign building new beds, moving trees, hugelkultur and so much more I have been trying a product for a few months before saying much about it.

Last year I was asked to try Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea and write what I thought about it.  If you want to go back to the beginning you can read my unboxing post here.

I use a bunch of different fertilizers in the garden: ones I have bought which are organic and “teas” I make myself.

Not this sort of tea but ones from compost, liquid fertilizers from weeds, Bokashi, and worm castings.  Other plants like comfrey and stinging nettles and seaweed also make a great fertilizer teas for your garden and plants.

The problem with some organic fertilizers

They. Smell. Bad.

And I mean REALLY bad.  My husband calls my homemade liquid fertilizer “Satan’s Asshole” it smells that bad!

They’re great for your plants no doubt about it but they will clear your neighbor’s garden party before you have finished feeding your garden!

They smell terrible because it is mostly anaerobic bacteria working away with little or no oxygen to break down the organic material into smaller components which the bacteria in the soil break down even more which then feeds your plants.

Living in urban and suburban settings means that you really need to be considerate of your neighbors even if their dog drives you INSANE.

The smell hasn’t put me off, I love making my liquid fertilizers and even made a video about it:

But I’m limited to using them once a week so I don’t upset the neighbors too much with the smell.

Luckily, Organic Plant Magic doesn’t smell!

How Did I Use Organic Plant Magic?

I have been using the product for a year even in winter to really put it through its paces here at my urban homestead.

I used the product in a couple of ways; first as a liquid plant feed diluted in the watering can, second as a dry powder added to the planting hole and thirdly added to the compost heap.

urban homesteading

As a liquid feed and plant tonic

The powder dissolves quickly in a watering can of water and does not block the rose at the end which is a problem for my homemade liquid fertilizers.

Organic Plant Magic Review

The powder is water soluble and makes the watering can look like it has a frothy coffee inside!

Review of Organic Plant Magic


I used the feed on some chrysanthemums which had started growing and was treated with beautiful blooms into December.

Instant compost tea review

I also used it to feed the orchard trees and my struggling silver birch trees in the backyard before the snow came to help develop the soil microbiology before winter hit hard.

The trees showed some improvements come spring for the amount of new leaves but I’ve had some watering issues with the sprinkler system so not been able to see the full effect of using Organic Plant Magic on them and my plants in the front yard hedge.

In the planting hole

When added to the planting hole, the plants seemed to settle in much quicker with reduced problems of transplant shock.  I used 1 teaspoon in the planting hole then watered the plant in as normal.

My transplanted nasturtiums looked lovely afterwards when they started to flower for some wonderful fall color in the yard.

organic plant magic instant compost tea review

Don’t these wine-red nasturtiums look lovely?  I wish I had saved the seed!

In the Compost Heap

Using Organic Plant MAgic as a Compost Activator

For me, this was the bulk of where I used Organic Plant Magic.  I wanted to make sure the compost was positively alive with microorganisms for the garden.  I also wanted to see if the influx of beneficial soil microbes and fungi would act as a compost activator.

I added Organic Plant Magic to a watering can full of water and watered the compost heap with it and some Bokashi Juice.

The compost pile heated up much quicker and formed the white fungus seen in compost showing that mycorrhizal fungi were establishing in the heap.  These mycorrhizal fungi benefit trees and shrubs by providing more nutrients for them to take up.

One of my first YouTube videos was kickstarting my compost heap using Organic Plant Magic and the results were amazing!

As a result of this wonderful compost, I have an amazingly productive vegetable garden this year:

vegetable garden with rich compost

The compost was produced fast in winter and was used throughout spring to build the raised beds I have been working on.

I now have squash arches full of sugar pumpkins and beans, towering corn and baskets upon baskets of tomatoes.

I was so surprised at how well this works that I’m going to see if it helps necrotic rings and dead spots in my front lawn too!

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed trialing the Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost in the garden over the last year and I wanted to be sure that this product worked before I gave my final thoughts on the product.

I like the easy to open and resealable foil laminate pouch to keep the product stable.  It kept out moisture really well so the product didn’t clump together and segregate.

Organic Plant Magic can be used in those garden hose sprayer attachments for large areas or diluted in a watering can as well as the dry powder in planting.

Bubba actually ate part of one of the packets last year and it didn’t make him sick so I know this is safe around pets!

The only downside for me is that it isn’t OMRI listed or organic farming approved so if I were to go for organic farming or a CSA I couldn’t claim my produce as such.  I asked the company if they were working on a certified product and why this one isn’t certified and I will update this post once they get back to me.

If you are looking for a product that you can use in many different ways in your garden to feed your plants then I think that Organic Plant Magic is a great easy to use, pet friendly product that doesn’t have all the hassle of other compost teas where you have to leave then or oxygenate them.  It doesn’t smell either, making it ideal for urban homesteaders who want to help build their soil microbiology and get their plants off to a great start.

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Find out this fertilizer that feeds your plants and builds the soil . Click through to find out more or pin it and save for later.


This is a sponsored post where I received a product to try and review.  All opinions are my own, as of the publishing date, the value of the item was $19.97. See Disclosures , Terms & Conditions for more information.