Free Bees! How to Build Swarm Traps and Bait Hives Really Cheap

Spring is just around the corner even if there is several inches of snow on the ground!  February is a great time to start building swarm traps and setting bait hives ready for swarm season to catch a free swarm.  I built this 3 frame bait hive using reclaimed wood picked up at the Habitat for Humanity Restore nearby.  Find out how I did it by reading on. Read More

I think my beehive is dead

My Hive Is Probably Dead

My beehive is probably dead.  We hear no gentle humming when we put an ear up to the hive and the bodies of dead bees outside the door is piling up to alarming proportions.  I think I made a heap of novice beekeeping mistakes and those rookie errors killed my hive but I won’t know until Spring.

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